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How To Get Started With Your New sBlogIt! Blog

Published: 25/06/2024 @ 13:00PM

Now you've joined the AI-driven blogging revolution, it's time to create your first blog post. So you've logged into your sBlogIt! blog and you've landed in the BLOG section and can see the 11 randomly blog posts I added for you. So what's next?

How To Get Started With sBlogIt!

Sblogit! Oh sweet blog, A canvas for my thoughts, Shared with the wide world

The first thing you need to do when you first log in to sBlogIt! is to decide whether you're blogging locally or remotely. The difference is that 'locally' means you'll be publishing on your sBlogIt! blog and have access to the entire range of customisations and features as well as a homepage that contains all your blog posts and is indexed by Google.

If you choose to blog remotely then
move the L/R slider!

You can see this just underneath the ADD NEW button and all the customisation will be turned off. You'll also lose access to things like LINKS and SOCIAL in each blog because you don't need them.

Also, there's no homepage or search page with a 'remote' configuration because again, you don't need it if you're taking your words, images and audios elsewhere.

Next, you may want to 'unpublish' the
custom blog posts I added!

These were added so you can see how they layout on the homepage and you can expand each of them to see how a blog is structured using the black down arrow in a circle to the left of each blog post's date.

You don't need them if you're publishing locally because they're probably not on the subject you're blogging about, in which case you can delete them with the trash can icon if you like.

If you're publishing remotely then it doesn't matter if they're there or not because no one will ever see them anyway! If you do want to unpublish them, hit the green tick in a circle on the right of each blog post's title and the trashcan to delete them.

Let's add a new blog post!

It's time to hit the ADD NEW button and actually get started with your first blog post. Once you're in that part of sBlogIt! you can ask a question, make a statement or even paste in the URL of another webpage.

The first two are pretty self-explanatory, though I do get asked about pasting in URLs. Who's URLs? Well, anyone's really. Your homepage, a subpage on your website, a news article off the BBC, a competitors website ... it doesn't matter really. Just go to that webpage, copy the URL (try not to grab anything that starts with 'utm' and then paste it into the ADD NEW section of sBlogIt!

However, there is something you need to be aware off. If the webpage your URL leads to is behind a payway then it won't be able to grab it (even though you're logged in, sBlogIt! isn't!). Also, web pages filled with clutter like ads, iframes and javascript may not work because sBlogIt! won't be able to actually reach the text on the webpage. 
If that's the case, you could just enter a title in the top field then copy and paste a block of text from the webpage into the guidance.

Of course, you'll always need a keyphrase and that should be kept as short as possible. Four or five words are ok, but try not to include any punctuation. The keyphrase is used all over the place, not only in the content of your words, so you can't advance without having one.

Have fun creating blog posts!

I've worked hard to make your sBlogIt! blog fun and easy to use, but as I tell all my YourPCM subscribers and sBlogIt! users, I'm always here to help. Click on the HELP button and see the different ways you can reach out to me.

You can even book some video help via Calendly if you'd like.

Until next time ...

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